What is the best way to rent a warehouse? Here’s everything you need to know

Whether you are starting a new business on a commercial scale or thinking over to expand it, you always need a secondary space where you can manufacture or store your products. In such cases, you might need a warehouse space on lease. This is the best solution for all your business needs either be it related to storage or manufacturing.

Before you move on to Rental Warehouse Space in Gurgaon or in other city, consider these given tips to choose the best warehouse for your business. So, let’s jump straight to it!

Determine Your Requirements

This is one of the most important things to consider while choosing a warehouse space. It all depends on what type of business is and its requirements. Warehouse space can be served in many different ways like as a manufacturing unit, as a storage shed, or as a shipping center. So, determine what your requirement is, then proceed.

Warehouse Location

Location plays a very important role in terms of warehouse leasing. This is because, if your warehouse is located at a prime location in the city, it will be easier for your business to access basic amenities like an easier transportation facility.

Commercial Lease Basics

When jumping into the leasing business, you need to understand some basic leasing terms. There are two types of leasing –

  • Gross Lease: In this type, you need to pay complete rent every month that includes warehouse rental, tax, insurance, maintenance, and other expenses.
  • Net Lease: In this type, you need to pay only the base rent of the warehouse every month. Also, you need to pay a pro-rata share of the other expenses related to the warehouse.

Out of both of these options, the Gross lease is the best as you can continue the worry-free business.

Well, these are some tips which you should consider while renting a warehouse. At GetzSpace, we take care of all these things and offers you the best warehouse options as per your business needs.

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